Pet Chat Event Schedule: Live Q&As with Pet Experts

PetChat is an instant messaging forum where you can chat with other pet lovers and experts. DogTime Media hosts special events on PetChat with expert dog trainers, behaviorists, vets, and other pet professionals who will answer your questions. These live events are held every Wednesday at 4 pm, PST. To participate, click on any PetChat logo or link on DogTime and our participating partner pet sites.

DogTime Media focuses on providing a fun and safe chat experience for pet enthusiasts. We request that all participants in PetChat focus on pet-related topics and refrain from using swear words or discussing offensive or inappropriate topics. PetChat is moderated and we reserve the right to suspend users from PetChat who do not follow these guidelines.

PetChat Transcripts

March 4, 4pm PST

Careers for Animal Lovers: get a job doing what you love

Michele Hollow
, author ofThe Everything Guide to Working with Animals

Love animals? Want a career working with them? Come chat with Michelle Hollow, author of The Everything Guide to Careers with Animals. She’s got the inside scoop on some of the best (and most unusual) jobs in the field, plus expert advice on how to get in and get started.

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February 25, 4pm PST

Ask the Vet: Anti-Aging Advice for Your Pets

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM

Everyone wants their pets to live as long as possible. They’re family after all! Just like in humans, there are ways to stave off animal aging. Whether your dog is large or small, they can live a long life if you follow a few simple guidelines. Come chat live with Dr. Cathy Osborne about what you can do to make your pooch or kitty live a long, healthy, happy life. Your pets will thank you!

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February 18, 4pm PST

Ask the Vet: Managing Pet Healthcare Costs

Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM

Today’s dog lovers are confronted with health-care decision-making on many levels. Perhaps you’ve wondered: How will I be able to afford my dog’s health care? Is pet insurance the way to go? Does my dog truly need all those vaccines? Come chat live with Dr. Nancy Kay who will help you understand how to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.

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February 11, 4pm PST

Pet Psychic: What’s in Store for Your Pet This Year?

Christine Agro

Find out your pet’s future from pet psychic Christine Agro. Is he going to be healthy? Get hurt? Win a competition? Christine will find out what you should know that will help your pet and even save you money! Christine is also a specialist in natural healing. Come ask her about natural ways to ward off fleas and deal other health problems.

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February 4, 4pm, PST

Ask the Trainer: One-on-One Advice from Professional Dog Behaviorist

Dr. Camille Ward, Ph.D.

Does your dog pull on his leash? Jump on people? Not get along with other dogs? Wish you could afford a session with a behaviorist? Well in these trying times, DogTime wants to help you (and your dog) with free advice from a professional behaviorist and trainer Dr. Camille Ward, Ph.D. With a little advice from Dr. Ward, your pooch will be on his best behavior!

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January 28, 4pm, PST

Therapy Dogs: How to Become a Therapy-Dog Volunteer

Rachel Friedman, Trainer

Have you always wondered if your sweet pooch would make a good therapy dog? What the requirements are to be certified? Join our PetChat for a discussion with professional dog trainer and therapy-dog volunteer expert Rachel Friedman. Find out the basics and what to expect from having your pet become a therapy dog.

  • How to tell if your dog has the right temperament
  • What tests or certifications are required for him to become a therapy dog
  • Are there liability issues/insurance requirements
  • Are there different kinds of therapy dogs for different needs (elderly, ill children, mentally challenged

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January 21, 4pm, PST

Ask the Vet: Dealing with Dog Obesity

Dr. Susan Aiello, DVM

Brought to you by WebVet

Is your dog overweight? Even just a little excess weight can have serious consequences for your pet’s health and longevity. Have you tried to put him on a diet and not succeeded? Well, you’re not alone! Experts say 25-40% of all dogs are overweight. And it’s not easy to know how much food and exercise your dog needs because it depends on their size and age. Why not make a new year’s resolution to get that extra weight off of your pooch. Come chat with Dr. Susan Aiello, DVM. She has the diet and nutrition answers you’re looking for. Your dog will thank you!

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January 14, 4pm, PST

Puppy Training: Housebreaking, Biting and Chewing

Kelley Filson: Certified dog trainer

Is there a new puppy in your life? If you’re having trouble housebreaking him or he’s biting and chewing things besides toys (like your fingers!), we’ve got just the help you need. Kelley’s been training dogs of all ages and sizes for more than 15 years, and she knows how to help you with any training issues you might be having. She’ll give you tips and techniques to train your puppy today.

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January 7, 4pm PST, 2009

Adopting a Second Dog: How to Introduce a new dog to your family pets

Leslie Smith: DogTime senior editor

Chat with DogTime’s resident rescue expert Leslie Smith about how to adopt another dog and introduce him to your existing pets. Find out the best ways to make the right choice and integrate him into your family.

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November 17, 2008Adopting a Shelter Dog

Leslie Smith
, 4 pm, PST

Chat with DogTime’s rescue expert Leslie Smith about how to adopt a shelter dog–what to look for, how to get your home ready , how to integrate your new family member with existing pets.

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December 1, 2008

Bridget Pilloud , 4 pm, PST

Using Intuition to Communicate with your pet

This amazing animal behaviorist uses telepathy to communicate with animals. She’ll help you learn how to communicate with your dog or cat to increase understanding, resolve conflict and improve relationships.

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