PetChat Q&A: Bridget Pilloud talks to the animals

DogTimeMedia: Welcome to PetChat’s hosted event with Bridget Pilloud, an expert in intuitive animal communication. Bridget will answer your questions on how to listen and talk to your pets. Please provide Bridget some background information on your pet’s name, breed, age and gender followed by your question.

petsaretalking!: This is Bridget Pilloud, your intuitive animal communicator. I telepathically communicate with animals to improve relationships, solve problems and just make things better.

Valentine: Hi Bridget, thank you so much for taking the time for the Q&A today

petsaretalking!: Of course! I’m happy to be here.

shinySC: Yes, thank you Bridget, I’m really looking forward to asking some questions

redbonesister: Can someone help me about one month old pups?

redbonesister: I have 4 month old pups and I am at a loss

petsaretalking!: What are they doing?

redbonesister: I do not know when to start feeding them and the mother is starting to spend more time away from them

redbonesister: Nothing yet their eyes are open and they are trying to stand but that is about it

petsaretalking!: What’s the mother’s name? Are they redbones?

redbonesister: The mother’s name is Twinkie she is a pug and they are pug and yorkie mixed and they were not a planned thing.

petsaretalking!: Okay. Let me see what I can find out from Twinkie-

redbonesister: She is 4

petsaretalking!: She’s pretty overwhelmed. She didn’t realize that this motherhood thing would last so long. I reassured her that she only needed to care for them for about a month longer.

petsaretalking!: I think partially the issue is that there are four puppies. That’s a lot for a little dog to deal with.

redbonesister: She is eating me out of house and home is that normal or is she just being greedy?

petsaretalking!: That’s quite normal.

redbonesister: Oh ok that makes me feel better

petsaretalking!: I was saying that if she doesn’t come through with the goods, then you’ll need to supplement with doggie formula check with your vet!

redbonesister: Oh ok

shinySC: I have a question regarding my 8 year old long haired Chihuahua

petsaretalking!: Hi ShinySC. What’s your question?

shinySC: She has been sick for quite some time now. Vets are currently running numerous tests on her and they think that it is one of her internal organs.

shinySC: Can you somehow talk with her to see where it hurts, and also, how she’s dealing with it all, is she in pain? I want her to know that I love her dearly.

petsaretalking!: What color is she?

shinySC: Light brown

petsaretalking!: Okay, just a second…

petsaretalking!: It’s more nausea than pain. She says that it’s in her “kishkas”, which is Yiddish for intestines. I told her that you love her very much and she says that she knows that, and she feels very warm and happy that you had me tell her that.

shinySC: Intestines… can it be fixed?

petsaretalking!: I haven’t heard the word “kishkas” in years! What a sweet funny dog!

redbonesister: Bridget at what age do the puppies usually start eating puppy food is what I am asking?

petsaretalking!: I don’t know. I’m not a vet. It’s what I’m getting from her. Always check with your vet. Our dogs and cats are a lot like us. They may have an idea what’s wrong, they’re not vets either.

petsaretalking!: Redbone- about 6 weeks, I think. I don’t know.

redbonesister: oh ok thank u

petsaretalking!: I’d like to tell you a little bit about what I do.

petsaretalking!: I get information from pets in eight different ways. I may hear words, see pictures, get a taste in my mouth or smell a smell.

petsaretalking!: I also sometimes just “know something”. I feel emotions and physical sensations.

petsaretalking!: I get information from pets in eight different ways. I may hear words, see pictures, get a taste in my mouth or smell a smell.

petsaretalking!: It’s a sometimes crazy mixture of things. Then I have to put together the puzzle of sensations to figure out

shinySC: How do you hone in on a specific animal?

petsaretalking!: To hone in, I say the animals name and wait for the animal to say, “Yes?”

coop14: Bridget I have a question about my dog cooper

coop14: He is a 4 year old pekingese beagle mix, male

petsaretalking!: He sounds cute. I bet he hates being called cute though.

coop14: After dinner, when my husband and I relax on the couch he often times just sits in front of us staring at us and sometimes he’ll whine

coop14: What does he want?

coop14: I think he likes being called cute, we call him that all the time

petsaretalking!: What color is Cooper?

coop14: He is brown and white

petsaretalking!: The first thing that he mentions is “peanuts”.

coop14: Peanuts?

petsaretalking!: And then he’s showing himself tucked between the two of you on the couch.

petsaretalking!: What is the significance of “peanuts?”

coop14: I’m not sure – we’ve fed him peanuts before and he likes them and

he loves cuddling on the couch with the both of us

petsaretalking!: Let me try to clarify with him what he’s saying.

petsaretalking!: I asked him if he wanted peanuts and he said “Yes”. Then I asked him about sitting on the couch. He said he’d like to sit on the couch between the two of you.

petsaretalking!: And put his head in your lap and have your Hubby scratch his backside. That would be ideal.

coop14: I see – he loves all these things so that’s great!

coop14: Thanks!

petsaretalking!: He is the kind of dog that really does best when he is touching one of his humans. It’s comforting and grounding.

MaggieC: Bridget, our co-worker’s dog Channel is going to have teeth surgery next week; can you get in touch with her and let her know we’re thinking about her?

MaggieC: She’s a darling 4 year old Yorkshire terrier. I’m sure she’s scared.

petsaretalking!: Channel was a little apprehensive, but is better now. She wants to come into work. I told her about the process and now that she knows what to expect, her first question was whether she could come back into the office.

petsaretalking!: I assured her that she’d be welcome.

petsaretalking!: Kittens- what’s your question?

kittens: My cat is way to fat she once eat chocolate!

petsaretalking!: Okay. Let me talk with her about that.

kittens: And then she will eat a can of food, but still be hungry!

petsaretalking!: She thinks that you think it’s funny that she’s fat. She’s not concerned about it. It’s all about portion control with cats. Feed a high-quality food and make sure that you feed according to the directions. If she’s still hungry, then she has to wait until the next meal.

petsaretalking!: My cats love tuna. They’d eat it every day if they could. We now have “Tuna Sunday”, where they get tuna on Sunday. That’s it. Otherwise it’s kibble.

petsaretalking!: She thinks that you think it’s funny that she’s fat. She’s not concerned about it. It’s all about portion control with cats. Feed a high-quality food and make sure that you feed according to the directions. If she’s still hungry, then she has to wait until the next meal.

petsaretalking!: She is a real sweetheart, your cat. I like her. I’m glad you’re close to her. How about Shiny’s question now?

shinySC: Thank you. Mindy was born with a faulty heart valve and has had health complications for her whole life.

shinySC: My mother has been taking care of her and I feel guilty that I can not go to visit her often because of my busy work schedule. Does she know that I love her, does she love me, and understand my obligations deter me from seeing her often? Also, what would she like from me, what can I do?

petsaretalking!: Ah, okay, let me check.

shinySC: Thank you so much Bridget,

mymuncher: Bridget, I have a question when you have a moment.

petsaretalking!: Okay, she told me that she misses you. That was the first thing she said. Then I told her that you were very busy working.

shinySC: Awwww… poor mindy…

petsaretalking!: She said, “Working?” I said, “Yes.” I think she felt better knowing what you’re doing. I asked her what you could do for her.

petsaretalking!: And she said that she’d like it if you could go with her to a park and sit with her on a sunny day. She’d just like to sit with you outside.

petsaretalking!: She likes your mom’s place quite a bit, and is mostly happy there, but she misses you.

shinySC: I see… I’ll make sure to do that…

petsaretalking!: She is all about simple, quiet pleasures.

petsaretalking!: Okay mymuncher? What’s your question?

mymuncher: I recently adopted Munch the Pug. He’s been having some health problems and I feel like the vet is missing something. Can you ask him if there is anything else I can do or what he thinks is making him sick? Tell him I love him very much, too.

MaggieC: Bridget can you talk to pets in the afterlife?

petsaretalking!: What color is Munch? And yes, Maggie, I can, most of the time, unless they’ve reincarnated.

mymuncher: He’s mostly black, with a white ‘apron’ and a bit of white on his toes.

petsaretalking!: Oh cute! Okay, just a sec.

toffee: Toffee, Shih Tzu, 2 years, Male…I got my dog recently, he is extremely scared of people especially there anything to increase his confidence and reduce his anxiety and fear?

petsaretalking!: Well, Munch is complaining about skin issues. They may be related to allergies.

petsaretalking!: He had some sort of bath at some point that was quite soothing. Was this with you? He’d like that again.

petsaretalking!: Never had a dog ask for a bath before!

petsaretalking!: Also, I’m getting the word “respiratory”. It’s not from Munch, but just sort of coming through.

mymuncher: OK. I give him a bath every week and he shakes less (like he’s less irritated). I will continue to bathe him regularly. Can you tell him it’s really important that he stop eating other animals poop so he stops getting worms and giardia?

petsaretalking!: Toffee- I’ll answer your question as soon as I’m done with Munch.

toffee: okay thanks

petsaretalking!: Oh! Yes. I can tell him that.

petsaretalking!: He is telling me that he “needs salt” and that’s why he does it. He may have some mineral deficiencies.

mymunche: Thank you! I will give him more salty food and check into an allergy test. I love him so much!

petsaretalking!: Dogs eat dookie for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s stress and sometimes it’s a mineral thing. Oh, don give him more salt. He could be describing another mineral.

petsaretalking!: I wouldn’t want Munch to have high blood pressure! Some holistic vets check for mineral deficits.

mymuncher: I think allergy testing is probably in order. Is he stressed out?

petsaretalking!: I don’t think that Munch is stressed out.

petsaretalking!: He doesn’t strike me as stressed out. I think he feels relieved to be in your care.

mymuncher: Good. I really want him to be happy, and healthy.

petsaretalking!: Okay, on to Toffee. Is Toffee Toffee-colored?

mymuncher: He’s a good pup.

mymuncher: Thanks so much!

petsaretalking!: Yup. Munch is a great dog!

petsaretalking!: Sure.

toffee: Gold and creme with a little black streak

petsaretalking!: Oh cute. So Toffee has a fear issue and you’d like him to feel less afraid around people? kids?

toffee: Yes exactly

petsaretalking!: Okay, let me check in with him.

petsaretalking!: Hang on a second…

petsaretalking!: I’m getting that he’s more mad than scared. He told me that he wants to bite kids. Does that sound like him? He showed me a kid picking him up as a puppy and squeezing him.

toffee: He never behaves around kids as if he wants to bite them

toffee: He lets them pet him altho clearly he feels uncomfortable

petsaretalking!: I’m wondering if I picked up the wrong dog.

toffee: it could be that he was hurt as a kid

petsaretalking!: Sometimes the wrong dog will come through.

toffee: I got him recently as an adult

petsaretalking!: Let me try again.

petsaretalking!: Okay, I’ve got Toffee. I’m not sure who that dog was. Toffee wasn’t sure either. Sometimes I’ll get a dog that is in the vicinity of the dog that I want to talk with.

petsaretalking!: Toffee is very sweet.

toffee: Any insights into his behavior?

petsaretalking!: He hasn’t been severely abused in his past, but he was thunked on the head a few times by kids. He’s showing a kid sort of flicking his finger at his ears.

petsaretalking!: Two things are coming up. One, Toffee has a bit of a tension headache.

petsaretalking!: He is telling me that he’d like people to ask him first, and if he doesn’t shrink away, then he’s okay with pets, but if he shrinks away then he’s not okay with being pet.

toffee: That makes sense…he also does not seem to display his affection as most dogs are known to do. He will shake his tail, but doesn’t lick or jump

petsaretalking!: He is really trying to conquer his fears, but he’s not showing me the thing that caused his fear.

petsaretalking!: It seems like he’s just naturally a little nervous, and his head has a tendency to hurt.

petsaretalking!: Perhaps a doggie massage would be helpful?

toffee: We do massage his tummy…what else will make him feel better?

petsaretalking!: He’s a nice dog, but he’s quiet and thoughtful. Dogs love a tummy massage. I was thinking more for his shoulders to relieve his tension headache. Also, make sure he doesn’t jump off the bed or the couch, because dogs of his size can jar their shoulders and get headaches from that too!

toffee: What about his affection towards us?

petsaretalking!: He likes you quite a bit. He’s just not super-outwardly affectionate.

Valentine: I have a question regarding my childhood dog

petsaretalking!: Go ahead!

Valentine: My childhood dog, Jedi, was a black lab and golden retriever mix. I had to give him away when I was moving

Valentine: Last I heard of him, the family that adopted him had to give him up

Valentine: because he would constantly break the fence and open locks and ran two miles to my old house

Valentine: This was well over a dog’s life span ago and I’m sure he passed….

Valentine: Are you able to reach him?

petsaretalking! Yep, that’s common. Dogs want to go home.

petsaretalking!: Let me try. What did he look like?

Valentine: If he was alive, he would be about 17 years old

Valentine: Looked like a black lab, with white streak down his chest

petsaretalking!: Short hair?

Valentine: yes

petsaretalking: hang on…

petsaretalking!: I found him! He passed away when he was 12. He had a very happy life.

petsaretalking!: He showed me him hanging out with a guy who liked to surf. It looks like Southern California, but it could be further north.

Valentine: Awww, did he finally find a good home

petsaretalking!: He found a great home with a guy who really loved him. He was renamed Jake.

Valentine: No wayyyyyyyy my hometown is a total surf town!

petsaretalking!: The guy had a blue van.

petsaretalking!: I’m so happy for you that we found him!

Valentine: Thank you so much Bridget… even as an adult, it always bothered me that I couldn’t find his whereabouts

petsaretalking!: Well, this has been really fun, everybody. You can find me anytime at my blog: Give your doggies a hug for me.

Valentine: Thank you from the bottom of my heart

dogtimemedia: Thanks so much Bridget!

petsaretalking!: No problem, Valentine. I’m glad he had a good life with you, and afterwards.

petsaretalking! I’m signing out! Good to talk with all of you!

DogTimeMedia: Thank you for participating in our hosted event about communicating with your pet with Bridget Pilloud, an expert in intuitive animal communication. If you’d like a copy of the chat dialog, please visit