Dog birthday party clothes

Costumes aren’t essential for a dog birthday party–in fact, your dog may enjoy her special day more if she’s not running around in a tutu. But if your dog tolerates playing dress-up, this is a perfect excuse to invest in a party dress or outfit. Even a playful ruff or neckerchief can dress your dog up for the occasion.

Oscar Newman beaded tulle hoodie

This pink hoodie with tulle trim is dressy enough for a party, but not so dressy that it has to stay in the closet the rest of the year.

Rhinestone party collar

This rhinestone-tipped ruff adds a little party pizzazz to your dog without crimping her style like a restrictive outfit would.

Birthday dog scarf

Simple enough to let your dog play freely, but lets the world know who’s the star of the party.

Birthday boy tank

Most birthday party attire is pretty girly, so owners of boy pups may appreciate this black sleeveless tank, emblazoned with the words ‘Birthday boy.’

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