Theia: Zombie Dog Doing Well After Being Buried Alive

Theia the “Zombie” dog. (Photo Credit: Theia’s Second Chance Facebook)

Folks in Spokane, Washington and around the world are talking about Theia the dog that has come back from the dead. She’s been referred to as a ‘Zombie dog’, but what Theia is, is a miracle.

Theia a year old, Bully Breed mix, was a stray being fed by farmhands back in February. Earlier this year she was hit by a car. Then, in a misguided attempt to end her pain and suffering, a local ranch hand hit her in the head with a hammer, put her inside a box and buried her. Four days later she showed up at a near by farmhouse, seeking food and water, and in desperate need of medical care.

She was taken to the Veterinary School at Washington State University where she was treated for her injuries. You can see in the image below, multiple fractures to her head from the blow of the hammer.

Theia’s head scan. (Photo Credit: Theia’s Second Chance Facebook)

Theia still needs more surgeries so that she can breathe out of her nose again. Her new adopted family is doing everything they can to make sure she gets the surgery she needs to feel better.

Theia is still thin and a little weak but getting stronger every day and getting the love and care that she so desperately needs.

Theia’s new dad. (Photo Credit: Theia’s Second Chance Facebook)

Theia is under the care of Washington State Universities, Good Samaritan Veterinary Hospital.

Sweet Theia suffered many injuries: leg injuries, a dislocated jaw and fractures to her sinus cavity, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Theia and her new sister. (Photo Credit: Theia’s Second Chance)

Theia has a facebook page for supporters to send love and follow her progress.