7 Things Puppies Hilariously Don’t Understand

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Part of the reason puppies are so cute is that they are adorably lacking in life experience. They haven’t had all that “on the job” life experience that your average full-grown canine companion has had, which is why older dogs get a bit grumpy in the presence of an over-excited and playful pup. You can’t help but laugh when a puppy just doesn’t get it. Here are a few things that puppies don’t understand with hilarious results.


For all a puppy knows, he’s looking at a completely different puppy on his turf when he sees himself in a mirror. No self-respecting puppy is going to put up with some furry freeloader trying to steal his treats. A puppy’s reflection becomes his greatest nemesis, somehow copying his every move, like he’s ahead of the game. “How did that guy know exactly what I was going to do?” a puppy might wonder. I’m not sure puppies ever understand mirrors as they grow into adult dogs. Maybe they just get used to the fact that they have an identical twin living inside the closet.

Glass Doors

You can’t blame puppies for charging headlong into a closed glass door. YouTube is full of humans doing it on a regular basis. But, after they smack into that glass a few times, they usually become a bit more cautious when going through door frames. In fact, lots of adult dogs will wait outside, even if the glass in the door is open, to avoid bonking their heads. Puppy-hood crashes have taught them well.

Limes & Citrus

If all you’ve ever eaten is dog food, something sour or spicy will quite literally blow your mind. Imagine a flavor you’ve never had before, one that hits a completely new set of taste buds, ones that you’ve never used. You might start to think that this brand new food is messing with you, just waiting to attack your mouth the moment you let your guard down. Better keep a close eye on this little green feller.


Puppies don’t understand what this clear, cold, wet stuff is. All they know is that it’s delightful on a hot day. They know they have water in their bowls, and they might see snow once in a while, but the fact that these two things can come together in one little cube is totally beyond them. It can lead to quite a bit of confusion.


Puppies don’t know why things are moving in the magic window that you keep in your living room, and often times they aren’t happy about it. They’ll jump, bark, and even run behind the TV just to see if anything escaped out the back and into the real world. The worst offender is the doorbell sound effect in so many pizza delivery commercials. Your dog can’t tell the difference between a sound effect and a doorbell because honestly, a doorbell is a sound effect to begin with.


Those weird, springy, metal thingies keep bouncing back for more, and make the most satisfying noise. No matter how much a puppy attacks, the doorstop snaps back for more, defying all rational puppy logic. Puppies may not understand what’s going on with these things, but they are an ideal playmate with just as much energy to keep going as any puppy.

Your Shenanigans

So you’re the type of person who ties carrots to a ceiling fan just for fun? Puppies don’t get your humor, but they’ll play along. Humans are weird, but somehow puppies still find it in their hearts to deal with our silly ways, and give us lots of love regardless. Especially if there’s a delicious carrot in it for them.

Happy National Puppy Day!

What is something that your pup just doesn’t seem to understand?