In honor of Miss P, six famous Beagles

Beagles don’t just win dog shows. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

The first Beagle to win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was Uno in 2008. On February 17, Uno’s grandniece Miss P followed his pawprints as she took top honors.

Despite the fact Beagles have only taken top honors twice — and only very recently — the breed has always been a favorite in pop culture. In honor of Miss P, whose formal name is Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble, here are some of the most beloved Beagles:


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It’s no surprise Snoopy is the most famous pup on TV. The black-and-white Beagle started on a comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang eventually made their transition to television. He may be a writer, a fighter pilot, and Joe Cool, but first and foremost, he is one awesome Beagle.


Anyone raised in the 1990s or who had a child at this point in time has seen the melodramatic heartwrencher that is Shiloh. The film focuses on a Beagle, Shiloh, and his growing bond with a young boy, Marty Preston. Shiloh escaped from his abusive owner, Judd, and Marty does everything in his power to keep him safe. The film ends with a big showdown between Marty and Judd and in the end…well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself.


How many dogs get to say that they are immortalized on the album covers of their owners? Bagel, Barry Manilow’s first Beagle, does. Manilow got the pooch in the early 1970s, and he even featured the animal on the back cover of his triple platinum 1975 LP Tryin’ To Get The Feeling. When she had a litter of puppies, he gave one to Marie Osmond for her 18th birthday on the Donnie and Marie Show. Bagel passed away in the early 90s, but her legacy will continue in the easy listening section of your local record store.

The Beagle Boys

Not all of the Beagles on this list are nice guys. The Beagle Boys, a gang of anthropomorphic beagle thugs, are always causing trouble in the Disney Scrooge McDuck universe. The trio, who are still wearing their prison garb, are constantly trying to steal from Scrooge McDuck. Thankfully for most Beagle owners, the most their pup has tried to steal is a slice of pepperoni pizza from the table.


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On half of the famous Wallace & Gromit team,Gromit is Wallace’s pet and best friend. Although it is rarely mentioned, if anyone ever asks Wallace what kind of pup Gromit is, he always responds with “Beagle.” Gromit may be one of the most accomplished Beagles ever: he graduated from “Dogwarts University” with a double first in Engineering and Dogs, plays chess, reads the newspaper, and loves to cook.


A Beagle of the 22nd century, Porthos is Captain Archer’s on Star Trek: Enterprise closet companion and confidant. The four-legged companion sometimes joins the captain on missions, going boldly where no other dog has gone before. He is a good watchdog, and on several occasions, warns the crew of impending danger. Porthos also has an affinity for cheese, which, unfortunately for the rest of the crew of the Enterprise, does not agree with him.