Drs Foster and Smith Finger Toothbrushes

Drs Foster and Smith Finger Toothbrushes (2 biscuits)

Our take: The good news is that these finger toothbrushes are inexpensive and come in a four-pack. The bad news is that the first time I tried one I almost lost a finger. I’m certain some dogs don’t mind having your index finger stuck in their mouths with toothpaste slathered over the prickly plastic bristles, but mine definitely do.

The Drs Foster and Smith version is pretty decent as finger brushes go, but all brands I’ve seen are fairly flimsy. Manufacturers always say finger brushes are the best way to start brushing a dog’s teeth during puppyhood. I humbly disagree.

The dogs weigh in: No dog I’ve ever had over the years has liked a finger toothbrush. Maybe that says more about my technique than the brush, but I stay away from them.


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