Tuckered Out Dog Beds

Tuckered Out dog beds (4 biscuits)

Our take: Dogs who like to rest their heads on pillows or sleep with their backs against the couch will like bolster beds of any kind. Some beds have the bolster all the way around, meaning the dog has to step up and in. This version has only partial bolstering, making it a bit easier to climb into.

Tuckered Out beds are made of that Berber fleece I love so much that you can wash and dry repeatedly (remove just the zippered cover for washing, or wash the whole bed). It’s easy on the earth too, since the filling is made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles — although the cover material isn’t as green as in West Paw’s Eco Friendly Dog Bed line. And did I mention how much I like being able to wash fleece a hundred times without it looking worn or overwashed or faded?

The dogs weigh in: I gave my sister’s dog Rosie an earlier model of this bed. Rosie is a senior girl with bad hips who hasn’t wanted to step up over anything for a long time. She’s used the bed for several years and likes to rest her head on the bolster. My dogs, on the other hand, never showed any interest in using the bolster; they would sleep in this bed, but they just curled up in the flat middle.

Cost: high

–Phyllis DeGioia

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