Top 10 dog breeds with the shortest lifespan

Some dog breeds are known for short lifespans — especially those who grow to be large size. Here are the dog breeds who live the fewest number of years, according to the Life Span data in the DogTime Breed Center:

10. Scottish Deerhound: 9.5 years

A dog with an extremely high prey drive, the “Royal Dog of Scotland” is active as a puppy, but by 3 to 5 years of age, he transforms into a couch potato.

9. Rottweiler: 9.5 years

According to Pet Premium Pet Health Insurance, the Rottie is the most expensive dog breed to own. A strong dog with an energy level that fluctuates from couch potato to whirlwind, this is a pooch who requires a large fenced yard.

8. Saint Bernard: 9.5 years

A big dog who can weigh up to 180 pounds, the Saint Bernard is most famous for rescuing humans from the frigid wind and snow of the Swiss Alps. The breed was also featured in an unflattering light in the Stephen King novel, Cujo.

7. Newfoundland: 9 years

Named after the Canadian province, the Newfoundland is an equal companion and worker. The Newfie is an apt pupil, strong, confident swimmer, and natural babysitter (this breed was featured as a nanny in Peter Pan by the name of Nana).

6. Bullmastiff: 9 years

A low-energy pooch who adapts well to most home environments, but his size makes him best suited to a house with a fenced yard.

5. Great Dane: 8.5 years

Great Danes are big animals — as in they hold Guinness World Records for being the tallest dog. They’re also sweet, loyal companions who love to play.

4. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: 8 years

The Swissie excels in dog sports — such as weight pulling and agility — characteristics from his heritage as an all-around working dog, including standing guard, herding cattle, and pulling carts.

3. Mastiff: 8 years

With roots dating back 5,000 years, this mammoth pooch can weigh up to 220 pounds — in fact, it’s it his size that contributes to his short lifespan.

2. Irish Wolfhound: 7 years

Originating from Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound is another big dog whose life is curtailed due to his massive size. During that lifespan, he’s sure to fill his owner’s days with admiration, love, and plenty of sloppy kisses.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog: 7 years

The Berner is known for his wonderful temperament and being intelligent, eager to please, affectionate, and loyal. Due to the breed’s small gene pool, the BMD has unfortunately been plagued by numerous health problems related to inbreeding, and it struggles to survive today.