Mouth-watering Kong cocktails

Kong, or similar food-filled chew toys, are a great way to feed your pooch, keep him entertained, and develop problem-solving skills. We asked DogTimers and their friends to give us the ingredients of their favorite Kong cocktails, and got responses ranging from simple to complex.

Note: These recipes are not intended to meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs. Please consult a vet or veterinary nutritionist to learn about how to feed your dog a nutritionally balanced diet. Pet obesity is a huge problem, so please Kong responsibly.

  • Fill a Kong wobbler with boiled chicken breast pieces. It does get a little messy and slimy, so don’t put in too many pieces (also make sure and throw away any remaining pieces for health and sanitary purposes). — Jason Yang
  • For dogs with sensitive stomachs, mashed potato cooked with chicken broth instead of water. For others, I used canned dog food with a bully stick speared through the middle. No matter what I put in there, I always freeze it to make it last longer (cool temps are nice for teething puppy gums too). — Nina Stively
  • Raw hamburger and peanut butter (not at the same time though). — Nancy Rivard
  • For our black Lab, mix peanut butter with a little Kong Stuff’N Easy Treat (it totally freaks him out). For our Mini Dachshund, a little bit of cottage cheese in his Kong. — Taryn Kraus
  • A little vanilla pudding or a small amount of cashew butter. — Darlene Gorgonia
  • Banana mashed with wheat germ and peanut butter and freeze it. — Jennifer Massie
  • Mix of dog food and peanut butter then freeze. — Jess Marvel
  • For our female dog, we stick some of her regular treats in a Kong with peanut butter and then freeze it. However, she’s gotten smart enough to throw it down the stairs to knock out the goodies, and eat it all up as she descends to get the Kong and do it again. (face palm) — Lance White
  • Fill the inside with plain yogurt (that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars), put a bit of peanut butter on either end (so the yogurt doesn’t spill out), and then freeze. — Dana Spreitzer
  • Sadly, [my dog] Domino is long gone, but I still have some of her toys (and love for her in my heart). I dug out her Kong and combined the suggestions and am now eating frozen pudding and cookies out of it. — Scott Hurlbert

Do you have favorite Kong ingredients? Let us know in the comments below!

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