Product review: Treat Me Right

My friend has had a hard time finding treats that Chubs, his 3-year-old Chipoo (Chihuahua-Poodle), likes. I try to bring over different treats when I visit — to see if Chubs likes any of them.

When I brought over the Treat Me Right happy-face dog treats, Chubs fell in love. He devoured the first one I handed him and he kept on coming back for more. These organic treats are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients.

So, I left the bag with my friend to see if Chubs would continue his love affair or if it was a one-night stand (so to speak). My friend called a few days later to thank me because the happy-face treat has become the new secret weapon. Chubs has some separation anxiety, and when my friend leaves the house, Chubs runs to the balcony to bark and plead with him not to leave. This is no longer a problem though: Before my friend leaves now, he gives a Treat Me Right happy-face treat to Chubs and then enjoys a quiet exit while the dog cherishes his prize.

I am thrilled the treats helped and that I now have a go-to gift for Chubs…plus, approximately 27 percent of Treat Me Right’s sales goes to animal welfare groups.