30 days with Whistle dog activity monitor

At $129, Whistle claims its dog activity monitor can do a lot to help you stay connected to your dog. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and shares data about walks, playtime, exercise, and rest to your smartphone. The goal: to help you make informed decisions on how to keep your pup happy and healthy. Sounds great in theory, but is there truth to that claim? DogTime sent the product to two separate reviewers with two very different dogs — and challenges — to see how Whistle worked for them. The results follow, divided by each reviewer’s entries, which include pictures and videos:

Reviewer 1: Gretchen Pfeffer (DogTime contributor)


Meet reviewers Gretchen Pfeffer and her CorgiPit Bull mix Rocket. Find out how Whistle could help her grow closer to her pooch as she prepares for the month-long test of the product. Read Post

Week 1:

Gretchen gets the activity monitor up and running and gives her impressions on its ease-of-use, app installation, first fitness reports, and other features. Read Post

Week 2:

Gretchen sets goals for Rocket, and realizes how easy it is for the animal to get the necessary exercise — thanks to Whistle’s monitoring. Read Post

Week 3:

Rocket continues his exercise routine, and he seems livelier and happier, but the real test comes when Gretchen takes the pooch to the vet for a check-up. Read Post

Week 4:

Gretchen finishes her four-week evaluation of Whistle, and discovers her dog is happier, more settled, and he even lost some weight — thanks to the constant activity tracking. Read Post

Reviewer 2: Colleen Paige (DogTime contributor)

Part 1:

Meet pet and lifestyle expert Colleen Paige and her dog Sailor. The 14-year-old black Lab mix has her challenges, read how Whistle ensures the pooch gets her required exercise. Read Post

Part 2:

Colleen and Sailor fall into a routine of meeting Whistle’s daily goals; Colleen discovers the activity monitor forces her to pay even more attention to her dog (something she didn’t think was possible). Read Post