Super Bowl teaser: Save the Doberhuahua

Remember those epic ASPCA television spots featuring Sarah McLachlan that are almost too painful to watch? She’s back, this time for auto manufacturer Audi, with a plea to save “these misunderstood animals,” as “every day they’re crying out for your help.” She’s referring to the Doberhuahua, a cross between the Doberman and Chihuahua dog breeds — take a look:

According to Business Insider, the full one-minute ad will hit the airwaves during the first commercial break of the third quarter during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2.

We have to give McLachlan points for poking fun at herself, but the Doberhuahua looks downright creepy. The teaser ends on an ominous note, with a black screen and the wording: “Meet the Doberhuahua. 02.02.14.”We can’t wait.

The second teaser features judges’ reactions to the offscreen Doberhuahua, as he’s paraded at a dog show: