Full Doberhuahua Audi Super Bowl commercial

Audi teased its Super Bowl XLVIII commercial twice last week, leaving dog lovers scratching their heads, and some voicing their displeasure at the creepy imaginary DobermanChihuahua dog-breed hybrid, the Doberhuahua.

Here’s the full commercial (see below). It features the Doberhuahua wreaking havoc in a variety of situations — all to promote the auto manufacturer’s upcoming A3. One would think the car is a type of gas-efficient hybrid, with the dual nature of the Doberhuahua, but it isn’t: instead, the commercial’s message is yes, you can have it all in an automobile that’s “designed without compromise” (and Audi would love to sell it to you).

Take a look:

Where the two teasers showed the Doberhuahua only in still photos or off-screen (but with shocked and disgusted reactions of humans watching it), the full ad has the hybrid pooch brought to life via superb computer-generated effects. Yes, he’s as creepy as you’d expect.

Look for the commercial to aid during Super Bowl on February 2.