Kong Time

Kong Time

Our take: More than just a mere toy, the manufacturer appropriately calls it doggie daycare. Place the large dispenser up on an appropriate height, like a chair or table, and you program it to just pop out Kongs at certain times throughout the day. The four compartments that hold the Kongs and/or treats can be programmed to drop within a 4 or 8-hour period. It needs four AA batteries. It provides entertainment and stimulation throughout the day.

The dogs weigh in: Oh baby, we found it! It’s the one interactive toy Ginger liked. With or without filling the Kong with the liver spray in a can they make, she thought this was just ever so much fun. The Basenjis never saw it as I couldn’t bear to take it away from Ginger. She thought a Kong bouncing without much noise from table height is a blast.

Cost: high

–Phyllis DeGioia

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