Kozy K-9 Non-skid Seat Covers

Kozy K-9 Non-skid Seat Covers

Our take: I have used this product for several years in my back seat. I think covering the back seat is one of the best ways dog owners can protect the value of their car, as most used car buyers are not in the market for ground-in hair, mud, and assorted bodily fluids.

The appropriate size is a bit big for my Honda Civic, but I like this one because it has a vinyl backing–it doesn’t slide around on the seat so the dog doesn’t slide either. It has holes for seat belts on the rare occasions someone is willing to sit in my back seat (it comes out easily, and washes well). A Velcro strip sticks the bottom of it to the car floor. You machine wash it and hang it dry.

The dogs weigh in: No comment from the kibble gallery. It’s just like sitting on the car seat to them.

Cost: high

–Phyllis DeGioia

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