Whine and cheese party invitations

With your whine and cheese invitation, make it clear this isn’t just another boring cocktail party. Let invitees know that this is a joint effort–you and your dog both look forward to their company

DogTime Evite invitations

One easy option for inviting your friends and their furry companions to your whine anc cheese party is to send an Evite online invitation. Not only do they save time and money, they’re earth-friendly too! Dogtime and Evite have partnered to create dozens of darling digital invitations for you to pick from for your party. Click on DogTime Evite invitations to see all your choices.

Pretty paper options

So long as the invites are in keeping with the mood of a whine and cheese party–sophisticated and elegant–you can pick any design you’d like. There are plenty of pre-made cards that have a dog theme, or you can always make your own. Accent the cards with a small bone-shaped treat, tied with a pretty ribbon.

Don’t forget to add your dog’s name to the “hosted by” line, and if he insists, allow him to include his own paw print signature.

The location

Some doggy daycare facilities allow you to rent their space for just such an event. If you’re able to do so, however, DogTime recommends you host the party at home. When else does Fido have the chance to show off his favorite marking spots and secret tennis ball hiding places?

The guest list

Limit your human invitees to those who can roll with whatever the mixing of pooch and pleasure might bring. If there’s a chance she’ll be upset by the Retriever puppy peeing on her Manolo Blahniks, or the Saint Bernard knocking over her glass of merlot, leave her off the list.

The timing

It’s as if cocktail hour was invented with the whine and cheese party in mind. Dogs are at their most alert during dusk, making 5 to 7 p.m. the prime time for both species to gather for eats, drinks, and revelry.

As with all dog parties, keep it short and sweet. Your motto: maximize wine, minimize whine.

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