Halloween party invitations

What better way to invite dogs and their humans to a Halloween party than to send a picture of your dog dressed up in his own costume? Not only will the recipients giggle, they may be moved to drape their own dogs in hats or black wings or white sheets–and come to the party!

DogTime Evite invitations

One easy option for inviting your friends and their furry companions to your Howl-O-Ween party is to send an Evite online invitations. Not only do they save time and money, they’re earth-friendly too! Dogtime and Evite have partnered to create dozens of darling digital invitations for you to pick from for a super fun party! Click on DogTime Evite invitations to see all your choices.

The look

Check out our costumes page for inspiration. Then, once you’ve selected your dog’s party attire, see our tips for how to photograph your dog.

When you’ve got a photo you don’t mind sharing, visit Evite, an online invitation service that let’s you create an invite with your own photos.

The location

Choose a place that’s dog-friendly. That mean’s not only are you allowed to bring dogs, there’s enough space for your guests to have fun without feeling crowded or claustrophobic.

Some people play it safe by choosing an outdoor space. But in big, dog-friendly cities, like San Francisco and New York, many pet boutiques will throw parties for you in their own stores.

The key is to choose a place that’s okay to mess up, so you can enjoy the party too.

The guest list

Be conservative about the number of guests you invite. For instance, if you think your family room will safely accommodate five dogs and their people, go with four dogs–the fewer the guests, the less likely they’ll get antsy and misbehave.

Also, invite dogs you know will get along with each other. The easiest group is a crowd that’s already formed bonds at the dog park. But if you’re sure a dog is mellow and friendly to other dogs, it’s probably a good bet he’ll do well at your party.

The timing

Keep it short! Parties that last longer than 90 minutes will start taxing your guests, who are working hard to stay on their best behavior, particularly if the party is held indoors.

Also, don’t hold the party on Halloween night, when dogs are likely to cross paths with scary monsters, sword-carrying apparitions, and howling things. Make sure the party is over well before nightfall, or hold it on another day.


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