Immortalize former Vick dog as Gund stuffed animal toy

Former Michael Vick dog, Jonny Justice

So it’s come to my attention (how in the world did I miss this earlier?) that a former Michael Vick dog is in the running to become the inspiration for the next Gund stuffed animal. The toymaker, famous for its plush teddy bears, is holding a photo contest, and the image with the most votes by the general public wins!

Folks, today is the last day for voting, but I know if we spread the word, we can ensure that Jonny Justice will trounce (in a peaceful, loving, non-violent way) the competition! Wouldn’t it be great if the Jonny Justice plush toy became a bigger seller than the Michael Vick action figure? And the next generation of kids came to adore the dog who symbolizes all that’s good instead of the athlete who tortured animals?

We can do it — we can immortalize this adorable pup in the form of a precious Gund dog! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest online voting booth! Share it with your friends, tweet it, tattoo it on your forehead! Hail the new era — Pit Bulls, not criminals, are our heroes!

Full disclosure: Of all the former Vick dogs I’ve had the honor of meeting, Jonny Justice holds a special place in my heart. His person, Cris, and I volunteered for the same organization (Give a Dog a Bone), and he once brought Jonny to my home for a GADAB get together. Jonny met my Uno, and the two wiggled their butts and play bowed at each other for a good long stretch.

Hey — are you still reading this? Go vote!