SSS PetCare Coil Spring Quilted PillowTop

SSS PetCare Coil Spring Quilted PillowTop

Our take: Not a traditional orthopedic bed, this high-end bed has a wonderful twist: it uses coil springs like the ones used in mattresses for people, and top them off with a zippered-on pillow top.

The result is a whopping 5.5 inches of foam, fleece, and fabric. The pillow is filled with batting and has a lot of give so the dog can sink into it. The liner is waterproof, and the cover can be machine washed and line dried, but getting the cover back on can take some time. It’s unbelievably well constructed.

The dogs weigh in: Sturdily constructed, this bed has a lot of give and the dog sink into its comfiness. At 5.5 inches high, it’s just too high for special needs toy poodle Clint, but Fred thought this was darn cool.

very high

–Phyllis DeGioia

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