Ken & Meli

Ken & Meli

Human: Ken

Canine: Meli

Location: San Francisco, CA

Together since: 2002

Type: French Bulldog

Favorite dog group: San Francisco PAWS, Pets Unlimited, SF SPCA

Mine is a simple tale, with a reverse gestation period twist. I met Boo, a cream colored French Bulldog when he was a puppy through a breeder near Sacramento. He was adorable and fell in love immediately and brought him home. I also mentioned to the breeder that I would like to acquire one of her older females once they were ready to retire, as older females and younger males make good housemates.

Nine months later, the breeder called to say that Boo’s mother, Meli was available. The breeder didn’t charge me for Meli, but asked that I have her spayed, which I did, gladly.

Meli is now in the silk retirement stage of her career, living as a City Dog after spending her life as a country mama. She adores me, and I adore her, and we spend as much time together as possible.

She’s now 13, but goes out six days a week to exercise. She’s in great shape and runs like a crazy dog through the grassy parks and beaches in San Francisco. Her energy level and zest for life is incredible, and she’s a light of my life.

She also knows how to take some time to rest, as most Frenchies do, and this photo, taken after a long day in the sun together, is a personal favorite.

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