Top 10 dog TV shows

David Letterman has ideas for DogTV.

Heard of DogTV? It’s the new cable channel with programming created especially for canines. Really. Turn it on and the idea is that your dog is provided with a little entertainment or comfort when you’re not home. Segments include “Relaxation” and “Stimulation.”

David Letterman — no stranger to successful television — had his own ideas for a DogTV lineup, which he revealed in Tuesday night’s top ten list. Show titles included “Shih Tzu My Dad Says” and “America’s Got Heartworm.” Sounds like a media empire in the making.

Here at DogTime, we put together our own wish list for Dog TV. Check it out…

Top 10 DogTV Shows as Programmed by DogTime

#10. So You Think You Can Sit

#9. How I Mate Your Mother

#8. Rawhide

#7. 60 Minutes. Or 60 Seconds. Whatever! I Can’t Tell the Difference!

#6. I Dream of Jerky

#5. Golden Retriever Girls

#4. Porklandia

#3. The West Chicken Wing

#2. Housebreaking Bad

#1. Gomer’s Pyle

Got your own suggestion for a show? Leave a comment…