Seven facts about the royal dogs

Lupo, Will and Kate’s black Cocker Spaniel, is the latest royal pet making headlines — but he’s definitely not the first. Here’s a look back at some memorable pets that provided companionship and love for the British monarchy through the years:

King Edward VII’s Terrier, Caesar, at his master’s funeral in 1910.

1. Queen Victoria’s beloved Collie, Noble, was buried in the grounds of the castle after his death in 1887. The pup was given his own gravestone, which read:

Noble by name by nature noble too

Faithful companion sympathetic true

His remains are interred here

2. King Edward VII’s Terrier Caeasar, outlived his owner who passed away in. 1910. So beloved was Caesar that he walked behind King Edward VII’s coffin in the funeral procession.

3. Prince Edward of York, later King Edward VIII, owned a Poodle named Sammy in the late 1800s, who tragically died after accidentally eating rat poison.

4. Prior to Lupo’s arrival on the scene, the main breed associated with the royal family was the Corgi. Her father, King George VI introduced them to the family in 1933 when he brought home a pup named Dookie. They later added another, Jane, to the family — and when she had puppies — two were kept in the palace.

5. The Queen welcomed a Corgi named Susan at age 18 and bred others from her through the years. Some Corgis were mated with Dachsunds to create “Dorgis.”

6. The current Queen owns three Corgis: Monty, Willow and Holly and three Dorgis: Cider, Candy, and Vulcan.

7. Lupo’s selection was no doubt influenced by the Middletons, who have always been fans of the breed. Kate grew up with a black Cocker Spaniel named Otto.