Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 6 Outdoor Exercises For Senior Dogs

A senior Labrador Retriever dog lies down in grass in a park outdoors.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Gold Souls, Gray Faces is a series where we discuss caring for our older canine friends. Our sweet senior dogs may not move as well as they used to, but it’s still very important for them to get the exercise that they need.

Regular, moderate exercise can help keep blood flowing to the muscles, get joint fluid moving, and stave off weight gain that can worsen conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

Older dogs can be more sensitive to the weather, and at certain times of year, it may be more appropriate for them to do indoor workouts. But if spring and summer are on the way where you live, you may want to start incorporating some outdoor exercise into your routine, too.

Before you take your gray-faced, furry friend outside, make sure you consult your vet to see if your pup is healthy enough for mild exercise and determine how much activity is appropriate. Do not push your old dog too hard.

Remember, the purpose of these exercises is just to get seniors’ bodies and minds moving, not to provide a difficult challenge. With that in mind, here are six exercises you can do outside with your senior dog.

What other workouts would you recommend for senior dogs? What kinds of activities do you do with your gray-faced pup outside? Let us know in the comments below!

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