Chew Bones and Treats by Natural Polymer International Corp.

Pet Product Review: Chew Bones and Treats by Natural Polymer International Corp.




Finally a company that understands the need for a healthy and safe, yet long-lasting chew bone! Natural Polymer International Corp. (NPIC) has taken these necessities into play and made the all-natural N-Bone. Coming in 3 different flavors, The Original, PupperNutter and Pearly Whites, each has its own benefits. The Original is chicken flavored with no artificial colors or preservatives. The Pearly Whites is gluten, wheat, corn and soy free, it promotes strong teeth and gums while removing buildup from teeth. The PupperNutter is wheat and soy free and high in omega-3. They are all edible and digestible with no added salts or sugars.

NPIC also makes another line of products called Get Naked! The NPIC website says it best: “The foundation behind Get Naked is based on two beliefs: Keep it simple. Keep it honest.” With an easy to understand ingredient list, a color coded compatibility chart and a per treat nutrition analysis these chews are easy to fit into the diet of your pet, no matter what the diet restriction may be. Each different color box represents a different functionality. They have formulas especially designed for puppies, digestive health, joint health, antioxidants and low calorie.


With all these choices and knowing that I can feel good about giving these products to my dog I wanted to know what he thought! I started off with the Get Naked Puppy Health Dental Chews, after taking the treat and running to his favorite spot he happily gobbled it down. Next I tried the PupperNutter N-Bone and he could not be stopped. He laid right along the edge of the couch and chewed until there was no more to chew. I am thrilled that I found a product that meets all my requirements and my dogs seems to go bananas for.

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