Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste

Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste (3 biscuits)

Our take: Well, it sounded wonderful: Natural vanilla flavor, a tartar control formula, tea tree oil for gum health, and the innovative touch of using sugar-free stevia, a natural herb that you can buy at health food stores, as a sweetener. Unfortunately, my Ginger didn’t care for it, and if the dog doesn’t like it, there’s not much chance you’re going to be able to use it effectively.

The dogs weigh in: I’m not sure if it was the vanilla, the stevia, or the tea tree oil, but Ginger wouldn’t even lick it from the tube. That’s a bad sign for her. When I tried to brush her teeth with it anyway, she bucked out and escaped. I’m sure some dogs like the flavor; Ginger just isn’t one of them.

Cost: middle

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