Study Shows Dogs Fill Men & Women’s Lives Differently

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Think back to when you first wanted a dog. Do you remember the reason you got your pup? One research poll suggests that the reason for getting a pet may be influenced by your gender attributes.

According to a national poll that surveyed over 600 single men and women, many of the women noted that they preferred dogs as companions over men. They claimed dogs were better companions at home than men, with the added benefit of them being more affectionate, easy-going, and reliable.

Other contributors to this preference include receiving a sense of security and enjoyment during their downtime. But did men feel the same way when it came to bringing home a loving pooch?

A Safe Place For Men To Offer Affection

Interestingly, the motivation behind men owning dogs is different. Instead of dogs being the perfect home companions, men rely on pooches to provide a softer touch.

In other words, men could freely show affection to their dogs without judgment. Compared to the stereotype of women or mothers caring for kids, the same stereotype does not appear to apply to a man’s relationship with his dog.

“Men are just as likely as women to pet and stroke their dogs, hold them in their laps, kiss them, and so on,” said Alan Beck, psychologist at Purdue University, in an interview. “Caring for your dog is always okay.”

Considering how some people tend to swoon when they see men caring for their furry friends, this hypothesis is not without its empirical bias. Granted, this does suggest a culture that is still touched with the ambivalence of stereotypes when expressing emotions.

But caring for dogs is a good start, and it seems that men benefit from having a pet equally as much as women do.

Why Dogs May Prefer Adults And Women

If men and women have their own tendencies and motivations when it comes to adopting and caring for dogs, the same also goes for dogs. It seems that dogs may prefer to interact with adults, particularly women. Still, a lot of this has to do with your dog’s socialization and exposure more than any inherent discrimination.

According to VetStreet, dogs are generally cared for by women in the household. Going by this in a behavioral manner, dogs may be more used to interacting with and being friendly with females in the family. Other factors may also be at play, such as men having a more intimidating appearance and tone of voice.

This may also be a reason why some dogs don’t take well to children who are very active. The less familiar they are with other people, the more likely your dog may feel threatened by overactive children.

Thus, it might help to expose your pup to some socialization classes when they’re still young. This way, they could get used to not only you, but also other people regardless of gender, as well as children and other dogs.

What motivated you to adopt your pooch? Does it match the research, or are you one of the exceptions? Let us know what you think below!

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