Book Review: Dogs And Cancer: Pointing The Bone At Cancer


An “apparently” complex disease… with a surprisingly simple metabolic solution… Targeted Nutritional Therapy.

Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s book Pointing The Bone at Cancer is a must read for anyone who knows a person or has had a beloved pet who has been diagnosed with cancer. Even if your dog does not have cancer, you need to know that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. This means that if your dog lives long enough, there is a good chance that your dog will get cancer. Cancer and the various treatments of cancer are something every pet owner should have a basic understanding of. What I’m saying is that every dog owner should read this book.

I have personally been affected by cancer. My mother died of ovarian cancer. Two of my dogs have died of cancer, as well as two of my cats over the years. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know someone or have a beloved pet who has died of cancer.

I wanted to understand cancer to help my current stable of dogs and even myself to avoid this horrible, painful, heartbreaking monster of a disease. Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc. Hons’s Pointing the Bone at Cancer is a must read for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of cancer and how to treat it.

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Pointing The Bone At Cancer is a book about cancer in dogs, cats, and humans. It explains the current understanding of cancer in plain words that anyone can understand. It’s not until we have an understanding of what cancer is that we can actually take precautions to help prevent cancer or kill cancer in our own bodies and the bodies of our pets.

Pointing The Bone At Cancer provides a comprehensive tour of cancer history, research and understanding from the very beginning to the modern day and somehow manages to put molecular biology into layman’s terms. I was not an ‘A’ student in High School, and I did not go to college, but I was able to understand everything the good doctor was explaining to me. I think the main thing you need to be able to absorb the information in this book is an interest in the subject. If you have a desire to understand, Dr. Billinghurst has explained it all here in this book, in a language that every dog owner can comprehend.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation have their place in fighting the disease of cancer, but what is so often overlooked is the actual cause of cancer and the simple diet and nutritional ways to combat this horrific disease. The biggest problem with cancer seems to be the lack of education and information available to the patient and their caregivers. This book provides that information.

Cancer is in all of us right now. We all have cancer cells in our bodies as do all of our pets, but what makes these cancer cells reproduce on an epic and unstoppable scale? Why does cancer kill the host? Cancer is not a “mutation” as so many believe, but as Dr. Billinghurst describes it, cancer is an ancient genetic program that our body simply “turns on”. Why does this cancer process get activated? Why does it seem to be getting activated more and more in recent years? Cancer used to be rare, but today it’s common. Why is that?

Cancer is not a mystery. Cancer is not an accident. Cancer is ancient. Cancer is a process. Cancer can be treated. Cancer thrives on the modern western diet, especially here in the United States of America where we eat so much sugar and so many carbs–these are cancer’s fuel of choice. With the modern western diet we turn our bodies and the bodies of our pets into cancer incubators and the proof is in the pudding. Literally.

Poor nutrition and obesity increases the likelihood of cancer, and Targeted Nutritional Therapies work to fight cancer. Targeted Nutritional Therapies don’t cost a lot of money. They don’t cause you or your pet to get sick or lose your hair. Targeted Nutritional Therapy is not toxic or bad for you in any way, unlike so many other options for treating cancer.

What we need to fight cancer is information, and this book has all the information you need to to arm yourself for a battle against cancer. A battle where your weapons are better than cancer’s weapons. Your guns are bigger. You can cut off supplies to the enemy. It can be done–and is being done–every day.

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And order your copy of Pointing The Bone At Cancer today. The life of your beloved pup may rely on the information in this book one day.