11 Things Dog Parents Do That Put Their Pups In Danger

Two dogs fighting for a toy ball, Dogs In Danger

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

As dog lovers, our pups are precious to us, and we’d never do anything to put them in danger. Well, not intentionally. There are many common practices among dog parents that put our best friends at risk, even if they aren’t intended to do so.

Sometimes it’s simply slacking on certain needs and safe practices, sometimes it’s a lack of information, and sometimes it’s the flawed belief that since nothing bad has happened so far, it probably won’t happen in the future.

All it takes is one mistake to spell disaster for your pooch. Here are eleven common things people do that put their dogs in danger.

What other things do dog parents do that put their pups at risk? Do you have any safety tips for dog lovers? Let us know in the comments below!