Should You Cut Off A Friend Who Has Harmful Beliefs About Dogs?

There are many reasons a friendship can end, and while dogs bring people together for the most part, our beliefs about dogs can divide us, too. The problem is when people who claim to love dogs have harmful beliefs about dogs, especially if you’re passionate about all things canine.

by Mike Clark
August 26th

7 Winter Dangers That Could Hurt Or Even Kill Your Dog

Winter can be a dangerous time for our dogs. We need to watch out for our pups and make sure they don’t get hurt. Winter starts on December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and lasts until March 19th. Here are seven winter dangers that could seriously harm or kill your dog if you’re not careful.

by Mike Clark
December 6th

Toxic Algae In Fresh Water Is Killing Pet Dogs In The US

Toxic, bluish-green algae blooms have been poisoning dogs across the United States during this hot summer, unfortunately with deadly results. The blooms have become a national concern according to research from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency since July.

by Jean Andrei
September 9th, 2019
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