Snoop Dogg And Many Others Offer To Adopt Abandoned Dog Named Snoop

WESTBURY, NY - JULY 08: Snoop Dogg performs in concert at The Space at Westbury on July 8, 2014 in Westbury, New York. (Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images)

It will still be a happy new year for the poor pup whose owner abandoned him before Christmas 2018. Hearts broke last year when the video of a man abandoning Snoop the dog, a Bull Terrier, on the streets circulated. This time, hearts will become fuller as people–including celebrities–show that there is still good in the world.

Snoop the dog’s latest offer for a new home came from none other than near-namesake and popular rapper Snoop Dogg. The rapper reported feeling horrified when he watched the CCTV footage.

“It is heartbreaking. There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop. If he really needed a home then he has one with us,” the rapper said in an interview.

Snoop Dogg is not alone in expressing love for the pup. Even celebrities like BBC’s Andrew Neil chipped in an offer to house the pet.

RSPCA’s Next Steps For Snoop

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) regional manager Rachel Butler revealed that Snoop is not yet up for adoption. The organization is currently conducting an investigation on the matter, perhaps to find the man who had abandoned the puppy before the holidays.

“We have had scores of people wanting to re-home him so we are certain he will not be waiting too long for a new home,” said Butler. Snoop is temporarily sheltered in private kennels where he is enjoying a lot of attention and love.

How To Help Pups Like Snoop

dog eagerly awaits adoption from the animal shelter

(Picture Credit: DanBrandenburg/Getty Images)

Snoop is not the only dog who needs help. The RSPCA houses a lot of dogs and cats who need a new loving family. If you’re interested in helping them out and you have room in your life, consider adopting a pet in need. The RSPCA makes this easier in just four steps.

  1. Plan the adoption down to the last detail–make sure your lifestyle can handle a new member of your family.
  2. Search the RSPCA’s database for the available pets up for adoption. RSPCA assesses each of the animals in its care.
  3. Contact the RSPCA and set up an appointment with the shelter for your next visit.
  4. Drop by the shelter to meet your new pet and learn a few more tips on how to welcome your new best friend into your home

Are you interested in adopting a pet? Are you happy to see Snoop Dogg offering a home for Snoop the dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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