Dog Lost In 2011 Reunited With Mom After 4 Years Apart And It Feels So Good

(Picture Credit: Rosmary Maseri)

(Picture Credit: Rosmary Maseri)

Miracles are coming early this year for Rosemary Maseri, part-time resident of Marathon, Florida. Her Lhasa Apso escaped her home in December of 2011, nearly 4 years ago. It is not known where the blind and partially deaf dog spent so many years without her medication. However, the now 10 year old dog’s microchip finally paid off, after receiving a letter from the Dade-County Animal Services Department telling her that they had her dog.

Unfortunately, she missed the window to pick up her pooch, and the dog was briefly adopted out to a new owner. But fortunately, after some pleading to contact the new owner, Maseri was finally reunited with Nigrita, a pup she rescued off the streets of Miami and who helped comfort her through the loss of her husband.

Maseri urges people with microchip pets to keep your information current. If they have no way of getting in touch with you, you risk losing your pet a second time.

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