Woman Rescues Stray Dog That Saved Her From Attack While On Holiday In Greece

Twenty five year old, Plymouth University student, Georgia Bradley, was vacationing in Crete with her boyfriend. Daily News reports that, while her boyfriend was in a cafe, Bradley decided to take a walk along an isolated beach, when two men began harassing her and started to get violent.

Then a small dog, from out of the blue, came rushing to the scene barking and the men fled.

The college student and the stray bonded instantly and the dog was named Pepper. She followed Bradley and her boyfriend around. When they went into their apartment, she waited right outside. Though by morning she was usually gone or out of sight.

When Bradley’s trip came to an end, Pepper was no where to be seen. She got into a car to head to the airport, and when she looked back, Pepper was running behind, chasing the car.

Back home, Bradley could not stop thinking of Pepper and knew that she had to return for her. She had to wait two agonizing weeks before she could get on a flight. But when she finally got there, she found Pepper in the same spot on the beach.

Bringing a dog to another country is not easy. First she made sure the dog did not belong to anyone, and when it was clear she had been abandoned, Bradley began the process of getting the dog back home to the UK. It required, shots and a quarantine and cost thousands of dollars in flights and expenses to and from, but finally paid off. Pepper was given the all clear and ready to fly to her new home. Shortly after settling in, she gave birth to puppies.

A happy ending following by a surprise litter.