The 2019 Dad Bods And Dogs Calendar

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Well, ladies, 2018 might not have been the best year in most regards, but 2019 is starting to look way, way up!

Photographer Ricki Beason is gifting the world with the “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar, featuring – as you’ve no doubt guessed – men and dogs. (It’s important to note that the dads don’t really have “dad bods,” most seem to be hitting the gym pretty regularly, in fact).  Each “dad” is posing with an available rescue dog from three Dallas, Texas animal rescue organizations.

Why This Calendar Exists

Beason has this to say about her latest project: “We want to epitomize the true bond between man and man’s best friend.” She goes on to say that the calendar was originally supposed to feature shirtless and “buff” men, but instead, Beason chose to go with a more humorous approach and to create a bigger emphasis on the dogs.

In an email to the Huffington Post, Beaston stated that she noticed all of the “sexy men” calendars from the previous years and realized that she had to make a change.

One would argue that Beason has definitely succeeded here. Various images include 4th of July themed cookouts, shopping, brunch hangouts, picnics, and that’s just to name a few! Copies are available now and will ship in December, according to Beason’s website.

The three shelters that Beason chose were The Love Pit, Rescue Row, and Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue. Sales of the calendar will go to help benefit these rescue groups.

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