It’s National Guide Dog Month! Guide Dogs In Action

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September is National Guide Dog Month. Dogs help us in so many ways. Some of those ways are unarguably more prevalent than others, such as the service that guide dogs give to their humans every month. Service dogs help people with everything, such as anxiety and seizures. They provide emotional and physical support and also serve to warn their humans when symptoms are imminent. They also serve as guide dogs for those with sensory issues like blindness. This provides added mobility and independence for those who might not have otherwise had such freedoms.

Whether your dog is a guide dog or just a companion that helps you guide through life with some added happiness, DogTime would like to commend and celebrate the work these dogs do to help their humans. Below are some wonderful guide dogs doing what they do best.

Legally Blind Runner And Her Guide Dog

Meet Sami Stoner and her dog, Chloe. The legally blind athlete and her dog run cross country together!

Guide Dog Overcomes Obstacles

Video description: “In this video you will see how well Antonia and I work as a team! We walk through wind and rain and navigate through two intersections to get to Starbucks. The first intersection is small, but the second intersection is pretty daunting! I have no vision at all but I use my ears and guide dog to see. Oh my goodness, you have to watch the whole video! After Antonia guides me safely across the scary second intersection with no audible signals, I have her take me to the front doors of Starbucks… She gallops me all the way to the doors! So so cute! She loves Starbucks!”

Air Travel With A Guide Dog

Video description: “Air Travel with a Guide Dog : How Does a Guide Dog Fly? Join Devin and I as we travel to Denver, CO with Figaro guiding me. We had to take cars, trains, buses, and an airplane to get to Denver, but we had an incredible time attending the STAR Institute parents’ workshop on Sensory Processing Disorder, and presenting for the Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raising community in the state of Colorado on disability/differences, blindness, and how my guide dog impacts my life and the lives of those in our community. I am a blind mom of two who loves to share inspiration, joy, creativity, and the reality of growth through the struggle, and through supporting one another. I share lifestyle, craft/DIY, mom-life, disability-awareness, disability-etiquette, and guide dog/service dog related content. I’d love to have you join me on this journey, along with my guide dog, Figaro, and my family.”

Guide Dog Goes To College

An average day for one of these working dogs going to school.

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