Hope For Paws Rescuing Dogs In The Costa Rican Jungles [VIDEO]

Hope for Paws took another trip to Costa Rica to rescue dogs. This 30 minute video highlights many of the amazing rescues they performed. Dogs left abandoned, street dogs, wild dogs living in the jungle… so many dogs… sick dogs, injured dogs who are fearful of humans. Many of them seem to want to reach out to the humans, but many were ultimately too afraid.

Then there were other dogs that seemed to find THEM! Sick and wounded, one dog made his way to their base camp and other dogs just walked right up wagging their tails.

The work is never ending.

Many of these dogs flew back to the United States are are now looking for their forever homes! All their individual adoption info is in the video, toward the end, so if you see a dog you’d like to adopt, you can find out what rescue to contact at the end of the video.

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