Loyal Pitt Bull Who Stood Guard Over Injured Owner Being Kicked Out Of The County


You probably saw the video on Facebook this week of a protective Pit Bull standing guard over her owner after a house fire.

The house fire broke out in Landover Hills, Maryland the owner crawled to safety before collapsing in the front lawn. Her Pit Bull, named Precious, remained by her side the entire time. Precious watched over her mama, protecting her and standing guard.

Fire fighters arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and Precious, the devoted dog, refused to move and even got a little aggressive with rescuers. A quick thinking fire fighter used a fire extinguisher to scare Precious away and then put the woman on a stretcher and medics were able to treat her.


Precious, her puppy and another small dog were taken into custody by Prince George Animal Management. The Pit Bull and her puppy will sadly not be reuniting with their owner due to a county ban on the breed. The smaller dog will be returned to her humans when they are released.

As for the two Pit Bulls (Precious and her puppy), they are going to have to be moved outside of the county. Hopefully a rescue group will step in to get Precious spayed and in a good home.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is banned in 19 states. It’s heartbreaking to think that after a tragedy like this, these dogs cannot be returned to the humans they know and love because of a ban. Let’s hope all the other states take action to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

UPDATE: 12/4/15 – Relatives in a neighboring county are going to take ownership of Precious. Yay!