Woman Arrested For Animal Cruelty And Abuse After She Moves Out Leaving Dozens Of Animals To Starve To Death

15-counts-animal-abuseTennessee woman is in custody for animal cruelty and abuse.

Several weeks after Caroline Jessie Miller moved out of her home, in Johnson County, Tennessee, some neighbors began to notice an odor coming from the home she rented.

They notified authorities immediately and a deputy was dispatched. When he arrived at the house there were many animals in various states of neglect, tied up around the house, some were dead, inside and around the premises and several sculls were found as well.

Mountain City Animal Control was called and gathered the remaining 6 dogs that were barely alive.

The landlord reported that he was not aware animals had been left behind.

One neighbor reportedly told police that Miller wanted to know which shelter her dogs were taken to because she was going to try to get them back.

Miller was arrested on November 15, 2015 with the bail set at $1,500 for each of 9 misdemeanor, aggravated cruelty to animal charges and $5,000 for each of the 6 felony cruelty to animals charges.

Thanks to these observant neighbors a person is being held accountable for her actions.


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