Injured Chihuahua Seeks Refuge Under Shipping Container

A recovering Chihuahua has found her furever home after an exhausting ordeal. The stray had been hit by a car and was trying to nurse her own wounds under a shipping container. Hope for Paws heard about the injured pup and stepped in to help.

Rescue Founder, Eldad Hagar and volunteer Lisa Chiarelli, were able to lure the frightened pup out from her makeshift shelter. The little dog was untrusting of humans and fought with every bit of energy her tired body could expend.

When she ran out of steam, they were able to get a leash on her and wrap her up in a blanket. She was named Amy and was taken straight to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

She had some broken bones near her knee and was required to wear an external fixator for 8 weeks.

Through The Dog Rescuers, Amy has found her forever home.

Thanks Hope for Paws Volunteers. You are the Superheroes to canine community!

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