Annie and Bentley from U.S.


Human: Annie

Canine: Bentley

Location: U.S.

Type: Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix

Our Story:

Me and Bentley met at a breeder‘s home. I looked at other pups but they
were too aggressive! I saw him being picked on by his brother, and I
took his brother off and gently grabbed him. We saw each other and I
loved him. He was a bit shy at first and we had many great times. He
was obviously peeing everywhere but we trained him at about 3 months.
Then his first day at the park he was happy and not shy. I was
surprised. I soon got to know him better we were very much alike. I
loved to play, so did he. I loved to run, so did he. I loved to sleep,
so did he, and I liked to have fun so did he. To this day we remain
friends forever!

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