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how often should i bath my miniature poodle

I have a miniature poodle named buddy and i wanted to know what catagory he would fit into.
1over 5 years

rough grooming

I had the most upsetting experience with a new groomer and i am wondering if she is the problem, or is my dog the problem. how rough is a groomer supposed to be? she was so aggressive with the slicker brush that my dog was in distress but she told me that he is spoiled and just doesnt want to be handled. she corrected him physically by grasping the back of his neck and waiting for him to submit and then praised him... (continued)
8over 5 years

etiquette question

Do you tip dog groomers? If so, what percentage?
13over 5 years

Paw Wipes

I occasionally walk dogs, and after each walk I wipe their paws off with a so-called "Paw Wipe", that I bought at Petco. These wipes look just like baby-wipes. All of these paw wipes are scented, and since I'm looking for the unscented version, I was thinking to use the unscented baby wipe instead (no alcohol of course). Can I substitute paw wipes like that? I appreciate any advice, Good day.
5over 5 years

Groomers in Los Angeles

I have a Wheaten Terrier and I am looking for a great groomer in Los Angeles, preferably close to West Hollywood area. If you have any recommendations, please send them along, especially if you have a Wheaten or any other long-haired dog. Thanks!
2almost 6 years

Pug shedding?

We are in the process of researching puppies to add to our family. We were pretty much set on a Pug until I learned of their shedding. Do they shed a tremendous amount or what? Any information would be helpful, I am a little worried because everyone we talk to mentions it. Thank you. (We previously had a Rott and a Cocker Mix which I thought both sheded quite a bit.)
6about 6 years

Bathing a Labrador

How often should you bathe your Labrador. Since it is very hot here, she likes to sleep in water or other wet places. Will it affect her skin or coat if you just bathe her every afternoons without any soap or shampoos.
1about 6 years

Fur discoloration

I have a blonde lhasa and he has the tear stains. and the stains around his mouth. I have used the tear stain remover but it does not seem like it is working. I use it everyday as instructed. Help!!! Is there anything else out there?
3about 6 years

want custom collars

than get beautiful collars that can be what color and you could get them even bead covered!call 242-5170 or 485-8469.we could even email you some designs. :)
0about 6 years


the groomers get there dog 2 smell super pretty by putting 1 cup of softneron them after there bath and then u rinse it off but be shere 2 let it soak 4 30 seconds
0about 6 years
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