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  • Square_200_former-vick-dog-hector-visits-fellow-abuse-survivors

    by Leslie Smith on March 2nd, 2011

    Note: Hector died on October 27, 2014. The original article follows: On Tuesday, a group of teens at the Kids in Transition residential facility in New Jersey received a special visit. The Lost Dogs author Jim Gorant, former Michael Vick dog Hector, and a rescued Pit Bull named Sarge stopped...

  • October 15th, 2009

    When BAD RAP (a San Francisco Bay area Pit Bull advocacy group) took in several of Michael Vick's former dogs, we at Dogtime were there to cheer them on. We bonded with these dogs--talked to them, petted them, and watched with tears in our eyes as they interacted affectionately with both people...

  • August 13th, 2008

    Dog: Uba Humans: Letti de Little and Jamel Freeman Fellow pets: Lulu the rescued pit bull and two cats Town: San Francisco Letti and her boyfriend Jamel first glimpsed Uba on TV...