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Dog grooming

Dog grooming

Grooming your dog has many benefits, even beyond knowing you've got an odor-free companion whose coat is a joy to touch. (Although that's great too.) You'll probably find that the bonding that takes place during this time is just as rewarding and valuable as the clean and/or pretty factor is. And most importantly, your dog will love the concentrated attention from you.

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  • Dear Labby: Tip the groomer?

    Dear Labby, I take my dog to a groomer. Am I supposed to tip? If so, what is the standard amount?...

  • Dog Coat

    Does your dog's coat look good, feel good, and smell good? Tips on maintaining a gorgeous coat.

  • Dog Ears & Hearing

    Dogs depend on their ears and it's up to us to keep them working their best. Dog ear cleaning 101.

  • Dog Shampoo

    Brightening, deodorizing, no more tears, or medicated? Learn which dog shampoos are best.

  • Dog Skin

    Periodic examinations of your dog's skin will help nip any problems in the bud. 

  • Dog owners are peeved at Petco

    Two women filed a lawsuit against Petco, alleging the the pet-store chain mistreated their dogs.

  • Finding the Right Dog Groomer

    Would you like it if you could never take a bath, clean your hair or trim your nails? Of course...

  • Finding the right groomer

    Learn where to look and what to look for when you're on the hunt for the right dog groomer.

  • Flea Control for your Dog

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites....

  • Home grooming tips

    Wash, cut, brush and dry. You can keep your dog well-groomed! If you have seen your dog rub or roll...

  • How to give a dog a bath

    Tips on how to bathe your dog at home, which is easier than one would expect.

  • Other Dog Gifts

    Holiday gift suggestions for dogs and humans, including grooming brushes and books.

  • Pet Grooming Tips

    Wash, cut, brush and dry. You can keep your dog well-groomed! If you have seen your dog rub or...

  • Toothpaste for Dogs

    For a healthy happy smile, brush your dog's teeth regularly. Check-out our dog toothpaste reviews.

  • Top 10 dog care essentials

    There are few things in life that are more fun and rewarding than bringing a dog into your family....

  • Top 10 dog care tips

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