Small dogs who are people-friendly

Noone wants their dog to snap or growl when meeting a stranger whom you trust. It would be much nicer to have well-behaved, polite dog who puts her best paw forward when greeting strangers. Owning a friendly dog takes more than just choosing a breed who has traits conducive to friendly behavior, it also takes work on the part of the owner. Your puppy must be socialized early-on to get her used to encountering a variety of people and not be fearful of making new aquaintances.

Bedlington Terrier

Bichon Frise

Boston Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chinese Crested


Coton de Tulear


Japanese Chin



Norfolk Terrier

Norwich Terrier


Pocket Beagle

Poodle (Toy & Miniature)


Shih Tzu