Fido Fleece Coat

Fido Fleece Coat

Our take: This classic jacket is well made and a good value. Unlike jackets that rely on a belly strap to close it, this has velcro that runs along the neck. The result is that your dog’s soft belly stays warm and free from snow and dirt. While not as easy or quick to put on as some of the other jackets we tried, it certainly covers more skin area than most.

Available in many sizes and bright fleece prints, the coat is machine-washable and easy to take care of.

The dogs weigh in: My toy Poodle Clint loved the warmth of this while it was on, but he really didn’t like putting his feet into the sleeves. Ditto for Merlin the Maltese. That’s the only reason for the lower rating. Once Clint got it on, the coat stayed on all day–inside as well as outside.

Cost: middle

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