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ASPCA partners with DogTime to list adoptable animals on their website

Leslie Smith Editor in Chief of DogTime.com
by Leslie Smith, Editor in Chief
Wednesday September 8th, 2010


Yeah, I know – I’m a goofy, emotional “animal person.” But right now I’m extra verklempt because this is a big day for my employer, DogTime.com.  And it’s a huge day for shelter dogs and cats around the country. For the first time in its history, the ASPCA is now listing adoptable animals, nation wide, on their website. And they’ve partnered with DogTime to do it:

Why is this important? And ground-breaking? The reach of the ASPCA is incredibly broad – their website is one of the most heavily trafficked in the animal welfare space. The additional exposure shelter dogs and cats will receive by appearing on their site is overwhelming; to put it simply, their chances of adoption increase -- by a lot. And with the ASPCA’s powerful endorsement, it’s likely other agencies will want access to these listings as well. Great. It’s free and we’re happy to share it. Our agenda is simply to get animals adopted. 

So today, I’m really really proud to be part of this team. The original idea behind DogTime was to create a comprehensive library of breed profiles. We did that. But as DogTime evolved, so did our greater goal: to reduce the suffering of companion animals. And so now we’re doing that too.

Am I gushing? Well, it’s with good reason. I often hear of companies who start out intending to “make a difference” – but then they get caught up in financial achievement. I rarely hear about the opposite: a firm that listens attentively to its employees and actively adjusts its course to do something good. Or in this case, something great.

Thank you to the DogTime founders who recognized the potential in this endeavor and believed there was more to starting a company than making money. And thanks to the ASPCA for appreciating the value of this technology and the importance of placing it on their website – and for furthering their commitment to saving lives.

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