Woman Duct Tapes Her Dog’s Muzzle Shut And Posts Photos To Facebook: Police Arrest Her

On September 28, Kimberly Ann Howell, duct taped her pooches muzzle shut, took photo’s then posted them to Facebook with the caption “ha-ha”. How well do you suppose that went over for her? Not very. The animal loving community is big and does not tolerate such cruel “practical jokers”. The photos caused outrage and the police were on her doorstep shortly after.

The 25 year old, North Carolina woman alleged that the tape was only on her canine long enough for the quickie photo op. Upon questioning by the police she said it was for barking. However her story did not match up with screen saved shots of her post, claiming it was to teach the Pit Bull mix, not to play bite the baby. ” I warned her. I told her I was going to teach her not to bite the baby again even play biting.”

The dog seemed healthy and unharmed, regardless, Howell was hauled to the station and booked. Charged with cruelty to animals and served an order for outstanding traffic violations.

Howell is currently out on bond. The dog seemed healthy and did not appear neglected, she was therefore allowed to remain in the residence. 

I wonder if it was one of Howell’s own friends that reported her to the police.

Since the dog was not neglected or harmed do you feel the animal cruelty charge was appropriate?

Are people over-reacting?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.