PupTalk with Eva Dalton

Editor’s note:

I’m thrilled to introduce DogTime’s voice of the next generation… Eva Dalton is the eight-year-old writer and animal advocate behind PupTalk, our new series looking at how kids can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.

It is our hope — mine, Eva’s, and her parents’ — that Eva’s reports from her local shelter will inspire other kids to follow suit. With the school year winding down and summer around the corner, we encourage families to take the opportunity to embark on their own volunteer journey.

Cruelty prevention begins with education, and the earlier we do it, the more likely we are to ensure success.Thanks, Eva!

Check out her very first installment…

Meeting and treating Snoopy

I’m a dog lover and today was my first day working at BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition), a dog shelter. At BARC, they don’t put any dogs to sleep. They find dogs everywhere, sometimes on the street and other times at the pound — like Snoopy, the dog I walked. He is a Shih Tzu and a very nice dog. He does not bark or bite and he is six and a half years old. He has an underbite and is a little ball of fun! He is black and white, just like the cartoon character!

Eva takes Snoopy the Shih Tzu for a walk.

The funny thing, is when I gave him a treat, it was too hard for him to chewbecause of his underbite. So, I gave him half of the treat and he put it in his mouth and tried to chew it. When I thought he was done, I got up, and Snoopy walked a step in front of me. I then saw that he only was able to chew a small piece and the other little pieces were on the sidewalk. I will bring him a chewy treat next time!

My first day at the dog shelter was great and since Snoopy was an owner-surrendered dog who is well-trained, I hope he will get adopted by a good new owner. Until he gets adopted, we will be taking care of him. If you want to adopt him, he is only $150.

Eva Dalton, 8, lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her chocolate Lab, Pelly. When she’s not spending time with animals, she enjoys singing and playing tennis.

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