Mother’s Day For Dog Lovers: 5 Great Ways To Honor Your Mom

German Shepherd Dog mother with puppies

Not sure how to celebrate Mother’s Day? If Mom’s got all the perfume, recipe books, and scented candles she could ever want, consider making a donation in her honor to one of our favorite rescue groups.

Homeless animals won’t know that it’s Mother’s Day. But they do feel the absence of a family of their own each day they spend in a shelter. Besides, won’t Mom be proud her examples of kindness and generosity did not go unnoticed?

Five worthy (and maternally-inspired) organizations:

Pet Orphans

Bully Paws

Family Dogs New Life

Mutts and Moms Rescue

Pixie Mamas Rescue

Each of these rescue organizations participates in our Facebook Save a Dog application; to continue supporting them throughout the year, join Save a Dog and Save a Cat – it’s easy, free, and fun. Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day, all!