Students Banned From Feeding School Dog After He Gets Too Obese

Little White Socks was rescued eight years ago by elementary school students in Taiwan, and since then, the big mutt has made himself at home at Wenhua Elementary. He often stands guard, watching the kids as they come and go. The students, staff, and faculty love the pooch, but maybe they’ve shown him a little too much love over the years. He weighs a whopping 110 pounds, which is why the school had to ban feeding the lovable dog any treats or scraps.

Now, Little White Socks is on a strict diet, and instead of feeding him, students and teachers are encouraged to take him for a walk or play catch with him so he can get some exercise. No more sharing snacks or slipping the pup a treat out of a lunch bag. Hopefully, this will help Little White Socks get back down to a healthy weight soon, as some people think he looks more like a cow or a pig than a dog.

The pooch is almost treated like a celebrity at the school, which will make it hard for his adoring fans to resist giving him treats. Obesity can lead to heart problems, joint disease, diabetes, and more health issues. It already seems like Little White Socks is having mobility issues due to his weight. He could definitely use a diet, exercise, and a trip to the vet. Let’s hope that the school will take better care of him from now on.

Are you happy to see that Little White Socks is going on a diet? What are some healthier ways students can show their love for the pup without giving him treats? Let us know in the comments below!

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